November 20, 2017

Dan Wardrobe

Dan Wardrope

SEO & Internet Consultant / Real Estate Investor

My name is Dan Wardrope and I live in Hove, England.

I moved to the UK in September 2002 from Australia, looking to see the world and accumulate some stories to tell later on in life. It wasnt meant to be a long stay, however I met the beautiful Emily soon after, and we were married in May 2009.

I wore a kilt, and we were married in Scotland at Duntreath Castle. It was sensational. If you get to know me better, I may even forward some photos (dudes wont care, but the girls will!). It was a true fairytale.

I played alot of basketball up until 2009, and was lucky enough to play all over the world during my, what I like to call, ‘right place, right time’ career.

Professionally, I graduated from UNSW in 2000 with a Chemical Engineering degree and quickly moved into the 9-5 mode working in the Water industry. It wasnt long before I was doing the same thing in Scotland, then Brighton, then Hove. I enjoy my job, but have always looked for ways to escape the rat race. After reading ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ I realised pretty quickly that the best way to get out of the rat race is to have a passive income.

I have a number of investments (including property) and I can honestly say that the internet offers far more potential than anything I have done before. Nothing beats waking up in the morning and seeing $$$ signs in your clickbank or paypal account.

Guys, I am just your regular guy, who loves sport, loves a beer and loves his life.

I am here to help, and share my experiences. If you want to drop me a line on dan [at] thelazyofflinemarketer [dot] com, please do. We can chew the fat!

Take it easy,