November 20, 2017

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As a bonus with your purchase of Gadget Riches you’ll receive a royalty free license for the WP Plagiarism Pal plugin. This is a premium plugin that normally sells for $20.00.

This plugin was developed by Arnold Bailey to help protect you against the duplicate content penalty imposed by Panda.  This is not some program you have to cut and paste your articles and then test them as a separate process.  And this is not a website such as CopyScape that checks your pages after-the-fact.

The WP Plagiarism Pal plugin works within WordPress with the editor.  When you’re ready, simply click a button and this plugin will check your content right from within WordPress.

I worked with Arnold during the testing of this plugin when it was still in beta.  I can tell you first hand that this plugin is worth every penny of $20.00 and more!  But it’s yours FREE with your purchase of Gadget Riches.

On each of these content pages, there is a slideshow carousel.  Use the left and right arrow icons on the carousel to navigate the slideshow.  Use the blue menu above the carousel to load the carousel with slides for any the eight content sections of this review.

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