November 20, 2017

Thumbs Up

The Pros (What we liked!)

Format: If you’ve read my review of WordPress Crash Course, you’ll know that I favor videos that are bite size chunks.  I don’t like videos that drag on for two hours.

There are 24 videos that encapsulate the core technical requirements behind Gadget Riches.  Each video is a few minutes long targeting a specific topic, so you won’t feel as though you’re chained to your computer.  Watch what you need and re-watch anytime you need a refresher.

Presentation: Arnold Bailey does a great job on the video section of Gadget Riches.  You would never know this was his first product launch.  I eagerly await future products from Arnold.

Content: This course teaches what you need.  It does not dwell on “theory”.  The trick to Gadget Riches is to conceptualize how emerging markets work.  Once you understand  the concept and learn a few techniques you’ll be on your way.

Dan Wardrope did a great job at writing a 70 page eBook for Gadget Riches.  But I’ll warn you, you’ll have to read the eBook at least twice.  Some critical points are made which I feel could have warranted a more rigorous treatment.  The material is there if you pay attention.

Lazy Offline Marketer Theme:  Many of you know that I like to buy premium WordPress themes.  In fact, I like to buy expensive themes.  This is for two reasons:

  • I like themes that are professionally done and which I can trust will be kept updated.
  • By buying only expensive themes,  you won’t run into my themes on every Tom, Dick, and Harry’s website.

So when I installed the “Lazy Offline Marketer Theme” that is included with Gadget Riches, I honestly didn’t expect much.  Wow, was I in for a surprise.   This theme has features that were just not expected.   What’s more, the theme is optimized for Gadget Riches.

WP Plagiarism Pal:  As I noted in the content section, I was involved in the beta testing on this plugin.  Arnold’s concept was brilliant.  I love being able to double check my content right from within WordPress – before the content goes live!   This plugin normally sells for $20 but it’s yours FREE with Gadget Riches.

Thumbs Down

The Cons (What we didn’t like!)

No Video Downloads: As many of you know, this has always been a pet peeve of mine.   I’ve looked over the sales page several times and have not been able to find a disclaimer that the videos cannot be downloaded.  I think this should be clearly stated in the sales pages.

A very reasonable one time payment gives you unlimted access to all 24 videos; there are no monthly membership fees.

Please be aware that unlimited access generally means “for the lifetime of the website”.

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